Conservation Farm Plan

A Conservation Farm Plan is required for certain uses, such as Farm Market or Animal Husbandry, on parcels less than 5 acres.

The following steps are necessary to develop a Conservation Farm Plan:

  1. The property owner calls the Loudoun Soil and Water Conservation District (LSWCD) at 571-918-4530 to schedule an appointment with the District representative. At the time the appointment is scheduled, the property owner will provide the address or other information to identify the property, the proposed use of the property, and the number and types of animals proposed.
  2. The LSWCD representative will meet with the property owner and, using mapping information obtained from the Loudoun County website, will develop a Conservation Farm Plan tailored to the specific property.
  3. The representative of the LSWCD will then meet with a representative of the Virginia Cooperative Extension Service to determine the carrying capacity of the land and to develop Best Management Practices for the proposed uses. The Extension representative may ask the landowner to allow a site evaluation to ensure the mapping results and landowner description of intended use is feasible on the property under review.
  4. The Conservation Farm Plan with Best Management Practices Section will be approved for the intensity of use that can be supported by the land.

Any change in intensity of use of the land will require a new Conservation Farm Plan. 


For more information, call Loudoun Soil and Water (571-918-4530) or the Virginia Cooperative Extension (703-777-0373).