Historic & Heritage Resources

Loudoun County's Department of Planning and Zoning helps preserve Loudoun County's historic and cultural resources by:

  1. Archaeological Sites
  2. African American Survey
  3. Heritage Preservation Plan

Loudoun County has over 1,500 recorded archaeological sites that include both prehistoric Native American sites and early European domestic and industrial sites. The majority of archaeological investigation that occurs in Loudoun County is directly linked to both county and federal requirements related to land development projects.

Development Applications

For most types of development applications, an archaeological survey is required to determine if the proposed development will negatively impact significant historic and archaeological sites. 

  • Archaeological reports must be submitted to the county for review 
  • Archaeological survey and reporting must meet professional standards set forth by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources
    •  Refer to "Guidelines for Archaeological Investigation in Virginia"

The Department of Planning and Zoning:

The Department of Building and Development:

  • Reviews archaeological reports and makes recommendations for preservation or impact mitigation per sections 7.800, 7.810, and 8.102 of the Facilities Standards Manual