Performance and Proffer Bonds

  1. New Performance Bonds
  2. Performance Maintenance Bonds
  3. Performance Bond Release

There are three components to bonding: The plans, the agreement and the collateral. Phased development is a common method of breaking up the bonding amount and this may result is multiple agreements and collateral for a single set of plans. For improvements shown on Construction Plans and Profiles, the Facilities Standards Manual allows bonding to be completed prior to recordation of plats showing the improvements. Bonding for improvements shown on Site Plans or Site Plan Amendments must be completed before final approval.

The Agreement

If you have questions about which performance agreement to use please contact the engineer or planner reviewing your project.

The Plans

You must have approved plans or an approved bond amount to submit collateral for bonding. Your plan approval letter will contain the approved bond amounts for each phase.

The Collateral

This must meet Loudoun County Standards, as defined in Section 8.300 of the Facilities Standards Manual. Cash is accepted in the form of a Cashier's Check or a Certified Check only.

Submitting New Bonds

Bonding documents must be fully executed (signed and notarized) before they can be reviewed. You must submit the fully executed collateral agreements, the approval letter for the plans (CPAP, STPL, etc.), a copy of plat (SBRD, ESMT, DEDI, if applicable). You must also include the "Sidewalk Letter," and a copy of the Bond Estimate form. Loudoun County has developed several different performance agreement templates for the different types of work being guaranteed. The language of these agreements may not be changed.

Infrastructure Compliance

Find more information regarding infrastructure compliance and bonding.

Performance Agreements

Plan Condition / Improvement  Bonded Agreement
SMRA Plans contain any right-of-way to be dedicated to Loudoun County and maintained by VDOT. State Maintained Roads Agreement (PDF)

PMRA Roads and / or Ponds are to be exclusively privately maintained (for example, by an HOA).  This form has been revised to also cover the Latent Defect Discovery Period.  May not be used for public roads or proffered improvements. Privately Maintained Roads Agreement (PDF)

SPPA You are bonding improvements shown on a Site Plan or a Site Plan Amendment.  May include improvements pursuant to an associated special exception condition of approval (bonded at 100 percent). Site Plan Performance Agreement (PDF)

PPA Your plans show improvements proffered with a rezoning. Proffer Performance Agreement (PDF)

Other Documents

Plans Conditions Document
SWMA In addition to one of the agreements above, you must also produce this agreement if your plan shows stormwater management features to be maintained by Loudoun County.

FMPA In addition to one of the agreements above, you must also produce this agreement if your plan shows manufactured filtration devices and systems to be maintained by Loudoun County. Facilities Maintenance Performance Agreement (PDF)

Sidewalk In addition to one of the agreements above, submit this letter if your plans include sidewalks within the right-of-way to be maintained by VDOT Standard Sidewalk Letter (DOC)