Owner Name

Enter only the first 3 characters of Owner Name exactly as it is printed on your permit.** Count any space, number or symbol as a character.

**If your Permit-Issue-Date is after February 5th, 2003, Owner Name will be located in the top left-hand column of your permit, between Applicant Name and Property Address. Previous to that date, Owner Name was not printed on permits (see examples of how to enter Owner Name).


  • For owner names that are personal names, ownership is recorded Last Name, First Name.
      Enter [DOE]
  • For last names less than 3 characters, enter name followed by a comma.
    • YU, JAMES
      Enter [YU,]
  • Businesses, partnerships and corporations are recorded as is.
      Enter [SMI]
    • L and L HOMES
      Enter [L &] (L-space-&)

Transferred Ownership

In some cases, the ownership of a property may have transferred since the date the permit was issued. When using WAIRS and in doubt, call the Department of Building and Development at 703-777-0220 for verification of ownership. Please have your permit number available when you call.