Serious / Habitual Offenders Program

About the Program

The Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP) is designed with two main objectives in mind. First and foremost is the protection of the community from violent crimes committed by a relatively small percentage of juvenile delinquents through the sharing of information between various governmental agencies and the rapid response to violators. Secondly, the program assists these juveniles, as well as their families, in getting back on track through coordination of services provided by the court or other involved agencies.

Operationally, the SHOCAP Program is a court-ordered disposition that involves juveniles who have been found guilty of any felony or four Class 1 misdemeanors. These youth are of the highest risk to re-offend and require both intensive supervision, and intensive services. Intensive supervision is maintained through the Juvenile Court Services Unit (JCSU) as well as local law enforcement.

Fingerprints and photographs are immediately obtained from all SHOCAP juveniles, which along with all other pertinent case information, is kept in confidential files maintained by the JCSU and law enforcement liaisons. This information is disseminated to local deputies and police officers; the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, schools, and appropriate social service agencies as well as other criminal justice agencies in the region to ensure close supervision and monitoring within the community. Strict rules of probation / parole are put in place, to include curfews, and frequent drug / alcohol screens.

More Information

For more information, contact the Juvenile Court Service Unit at 703-777-0303.