Law-Related Education

About the Program

The implementation of quality diversion and dispositional programs such as Law Related Education (LRE) is part of a comprehensive strategy by the Juvenile Court Service Unit (JCSU) to interrupt the progression of delinquent behavior in the youth of Loudoun County.

This program can be used as a diversion alternative for youth referred to Intake and a dispositional alternative in cases where petitions are filed. This is achieved by reducing the youth's feeling of isolation and alienation from teachers or other students, and society; by developing a better self image; by developing within the student critical thinking skills and trust of the legal system; by making students aware of their legal rights and responsibilities; and by providing the youth with information about practical law that he/she needs in everyday life to function within society.


The goal of the LRE program is to serve as a diversion alternative and an adjunct to probation services in reducing delinquent behavior by:

  • Increasing the student's understanding of the law
  • Developing their critical thinking about the law and values
  • Improving their attitudes toward the law and societal institutions
  • Introducing the students to skills in communication and problem solving
  • Fostering healthy, productive relationships between the students, their classmates, and the adult instructors and participants
  • Exposing the students to positive peer pressure in an attempt to bring about a change in their value systems; providing the opportunity for the students to develop a pride in their knowledge and, thereby, increase their self-esteem
  • Developing unique insights that promote social responsibility

More Information

For more information, contact the Juvenile Court Service Unit at 703-777-0303.