About JCSU


The Loudoun County Juvenile Court Service Unit (20-L JCSU) is one of 32 state Court Service Units under the State Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and has jurisdiction in a variety of cases.

On the juvenile side of the court, the court adjudicates juveniles accused of violations of the law. The court also has jurisdiction over offenses committed by adults against juveniles and has jurisdiction in offenses committed by one household member against the other.

On the domestic relations side, the court determines custody, support, and visitation controversies, and is also responsible for hearing other domestic violence cases and issuing protective orders.


Progress is marked, along with the efforts of other community agencies, by the provision of a continuum of services from prevention to incarceration. Juvenile justice strategies are increasingly multiagency efforts.

This continuum of services to respond to those youth who are at risk of offending as well as those who are offending is essential if Loudoun is to remain a healthy and safe place for youth and families. The continuum requires creative available programming to respond to both new and old developments in juvenile justice (e.g., gang behaviors). Currently, the JCSU leads or participates in strategic activities to respond to the increasing demands and the consistent building of that continuum is a hallmark for a youth and family-friendly community.

Our Vision

Successful youth, Strong families, Safe communities.

Core Values

  • All youth and their families are worthy of our best efforts.
  • Offer early and effective interventions to limit youth's further involvement in the juvenile justice system.
  • Meeting the individual physical, emotional, and educational needs of youth and reducing their risk of re-offending.
  • Provide safe and secure confinement for those who are a danger to the community as well as treatment to help youth succeed.
  • Working in partnership with other agencies and localities.
  • Recruiting, supporting, and maintaining a competent and diverse work force.

Mission Statement

This Court Service Unit is designed to operate under the policies and procedures of Department of Juvenile Justice and its mission statement, agency vision and guiding principles. The DJJ mission is to protect the public through a balanced approach of accountability and comprehensive services that prevent and reduce delinquency through partnerships with families, schools, communities, law enforcement, and others, while providing opportunities for delinquent youth to become responsible and productive citizens.

Local Rules & Policies

In its implementation of the mission, the 20-L JCSU is often called on to establish local rules and policies not inconsistent with the mission statement. One of the ways the 20-L JCSU does that is to participate with the other agencies, citizens groups, and the larger community to further the larger goals and objectives. A continuing theme in the juvenile justice system of Loudoun County is to provide to the community an expertise in how to best respond and address delinquent behavior within the county borders. To better articulate this part of our mission, the following office policy was developed.

Loudoun County Court Service Unit Policy

To be the leader in the juvenile justice system of Loudoun County by practicing and asserting to others the sound principles of how to best respond to delinquent behavior:

  • Do whatever necessary to extinguish the behavior, including to place the offender in an environment that prevents any further ability to continue the illegal behavior.
  • "Consequence" the behavior . Provide a sufficient punishment to cause discomfort so that the juvenile will remember the pain of that choice.
  • Equip them to make better choices. Increase the offender's competency to choose better, or fulfill a lack in their personal system, in order to gain sufficient insight to change.
  • Give the offender another opportunity to choose better. Provide an adequate environment or sufficient supervision to promote successful choices.