Gang Response Intervention Team

About GRIT

The Gang Response Intervention Team (GRIT) is a multiagency, multidiscipline team charged with coordinating the suppression, intervention, prevention, and overall reduction of street gang activity within Loudoun County. By utilizing the expertise of the associated agencies, the team will identify at-risk youth, gang members, and gang activity. The GRIT coordinates, develops, and supports services to at-risk youth, their families, and communities. The GRIT is actively involved with the Northern Virginia Gang Task Force's prevention, intervention, and education initiatives.

Member Agencies

Loudoun County government agencies that are members of the team include the:

Other member agencies are the Leesburg Police Department, the Leesburg Department of Parks and Recreation, Loudoun Public Schools, and the local Adult Probation and Parole District of the Virginia Department of Corrections.


The GRIT provides information on gang intervention and prevention programs and services. The GRIT is also the point of contact for community-based educational programming, gang awareness presentations, and seminars. View the online brochure (PDF) to learn more about this program.