Energy Strategy

Loudoun County Energy Strategy

The National Association of Counties recognized Loudoun County for its Energy Strategy, a comprehensive, 30-year road map of energy strategies for the Loudoun County government and community, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in December 2009.

Recognizing the potential opportunities, Loudoun County took the lead in developing a comprehensive County Energy Strategy (CES) reaching to 2040 to achieve measurable reductions, using 2007 as the baseline year. The CES provides a vision for Loudoun County to "always have reliable and affordable energy, be energy efficient, and have reduced greenhouse gases."

Aerial view of brick buildings


Success is measured by five key goals within the CES:

  1. Loudoun County will be recognized as a location of choice for investment in part because of its innovative energy strategy.
  2. Loudoun County will strive to have consistently lower energy cost relative to surrounding areas.
  3. Loudoun County will have greenhouse gas emissions among the lowest in the country.
  4. Loudoun County will be recognized as a regional, state, and national role model of effective energy and climate management.
  5. All major investments will visibly contribute to meeting the CES goals.