Request an Address

New Addresses

Our office assigns new addresses and street names that are within the county and outside of the incorporated towns.  

We administer the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances for Naming of Streets (Chapter 1020) and Addressing of Premises (Chapter 1026).

The application and site plan may be emailed, dropped off in-person, or mailed to our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an address?

Occupied structures must be assigned addresses to facilitate access by emergency services.  This includes residential structures, offices, and sales and construction trailers.  

Vacant lots with no building plan and unoccupied structures are not assigned addresses.  Unoccupied structures include barns and storage buildings without offices or apartments.

Why is my address incorrect/missing on an internet mapping service?

Internet mapping services, like Google Maps or MapQuest, do not use data from Loudoun County.  They purchase their data from third party vendors.  If your address or street is incorrect on one of these sites, contact the mapping service directly.  There is usually a Help or Feedback section where errors can be reported.

I’m not receiving deliveries of mail or packages.  Who do I contact?

Contact your local post office or mail carrier directly.  Our office routinely shares address information with the postal service.  If there is a discrepancy with your local post office, you may contact us for an address verification letter.

I don’t like my house number, can I change it?

We cannot change house numbers based on individual preference.

Chapter 1026.06 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances requires that addresses be determined from the Address Grid Map of Loudoun County.  The number is based on the point where the driveway intersects the road.  

If the access point to an addressed structure changes, the number may change.  When applying for a new address, it is important that the access point from the road is accurate.

I don’t like my street name, can I change it?

If all of the property owners on the street agree, they may petition to change the street name following the procedures and standards detailed in Chapter 1020.07 of the Loudoun County Codified Ordinances.