About the Setting

Questions to Ask

Does the setting:

  • Have a clean, safe place to change diapers?
  • Have a safe, clear area where infants can crawl?
  • Have a safe outdoor play area and equipment?
  • Have at least two approved exits from child care areas?
  • Have enough furniture, play things, and other equipment for all children to be individually involved?
  • Have enough space indoors and out so all children can move freely and safely?
  • Have equipment and materials that are suitable for the ages of the children?
  • Have locked storage for medications, poisons, cleaners, guns, weapons, and ammunition?
  • Have pets? If so, are they vaccinated? Do they appear to be well cared for?
  • Have working smoke detectors?
  • Provide enough space for napping and have appropriate surfaces (e.g., cribs, cots, mats)?