Business Tax Compliance


The Business Tax Compliance Division educates business owners regarding tax liability in Loudoun County, encourages voluntary compliance with tax laws, discovers businesses that are not currently registered in Loudoun and may be unaware of tax obligations, and properly assesses businesses that may be attempting to evade taxes. Compliance is responsible for investigating businesses through desk and field review to ensure that business owners are properly registered and taxed in a fair and equitable manner.

The Business Tax Compliance team is always available to assist taxpayers with issues impacting the taxation of business in Loudoun County. Our team researches and compares businesses to ensure that all businesses of the same type are taxed in the same fashion and to ensure that businesses are properly classified for Business Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) tax rates. Business Tax Compliance Officers perform field visits to newly opened and currently operating businesses to assist with the creation of asset lists detailing the equipment, furniture, and fixtures purchased or acquired by the business. Business Tax Compliance Auditors regularly perform audits and respond to appeals to correct tax rate classification, exclusions, deductions, and filing amendments.

In order for a business to be in compliance with Loudoun County business tax requirements, all BPOL filings and payments and Business Personal Property Tax (BPPT) filings are due each year by March 1st. Business owners, including home based businesses making more than $10,000 in a calendar year, are also required to submit a current asset list of all property purchased or acquired by their business annually, along with the Business Personal Property Tax filings. The Commissioner of the Revenue requires all business tax filings to be completed online. Failure to maintain current business tax filings can result in audit, statutory assessments, and other penalties as prescribed by law. (Please consult the Business Tax page for an explanation of filings and requirements. For personal assistance regarding business tax filings, please call 703-777-0260, opt. 2.)

Any person or business assessed a tax for the BPOL, machinery and tools, BPPT or consumer utility tax may seek a review of his or her assessment. For details regarding the Loudoun County Business Tax Appeal Process, please consult the Business Tax Appeals page or contact the Business Tax Compliance Division at 703-777-0400.

Businesses that receive audit notifications should follow all directions in the notification and contact the assigned auditor for further instruction. Failure to comply with an audit request could result in a summons to appear before the Commissioner of the Revenue. All communication with the Business Tax Compliance office will be kept confidential in accordance with Virginia Code § 58.1-3. Please provide contact information with all correspondence.

If you have a concern regarding the tax status of a business operating within Loudoun County, you may contact the Business Tax Compliance Division at 703-777-0400 or complete a Report of Alleged Tax Evasion (PDF) form and submit it by email.

For questions and additional information, please access our Business Tax Compliance FAQs. You can also contact the Compliance Division via email.

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