Victim Witness Program

About the Victim Witness Program

Located in the Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney, we help ensure that Loudoun County crime victims and witnesses receive fair and compassionate treatment while participating in the criminal justice system.

We seek to aid the victims of crime with emotional support, practical aid, and advocacy. The aims of the Victim Witness Program are basically two-fold:

  • First, to reduce the psychological shock and trauma a victim of crime can suffer by lending emotional and practical support immediately at the crisis scene or shortly thereafter. Many studies have shown that if a victim receives such help at the time of - or shortly after - the crisis, psychological trauma is greatly reduced or eliminated, thus speeding recovery and the re-establishment of a normal life.
  • Secondly, to help the victim after the initial crisis with emotional support, counseling, advocacy, referral to local social service agencies, and (where possible) information on such things as: the status of the investigation, the status of the accused (arrested, released, conditions of release), the court system and their rights within it, safety and security, and much more.

This website will acquaint you with the steps involved in bringing a case to trial, explain your role in this process, and describe the services available to assist you. The legal process, frequently long and complicated, often fails to address the unique needs of victims, but the Victim Witness Program advocate is available to make sure that these needs are addressed.

  1. Victim Witness Program


    • Michele Tracy

    Case Managers

    • Danica Clore
    • Christine Evans
    • Emily Person
    • Jasmine Sanders

    Phone: 703-777-0417