Tips to Control Rodents


To control rats and mice, everyone must make an effort to eliminate sources of rodent food and shelter by following the recommendations:

  • Carefully follow all the label directions and precautions for rodenticide (rat / mouse poison) bait. If you use rat traps, bait the trap unset for a few days, then set the trigger. Peanut butter, Q-tip ends, or raisins work well as bait. Place traps against the wall, flat on the floor, with the trigger facing the wall.
  • Clean up vegetable gardens.
  • Dispose of fallen fruit from trees and shrubs.
  • Do not leave pet food out overnight, especially outside.
  • If there is a reported rodent infestation in your neighborhood, do not feed wild birds for 2 to 4 weeks. Only use above ground squirrel-proof bird feeders.
  • Keep grass cut, especially around sheds and buildings and along fences.
  • Regularly work yard waste / compost piles.
  • Seal holes in outside walls around pipes and utility lines with concrete or sheet metal collars. Use 1/4 inch mesh galvanized screening (hardware cloth) on attic and crawl space vents and other louvered openings outside (bathroom and stove hood exhaust).
  • Store dry pet food and birdseed in covered containers.
  • Store firewood and lumber at least 12 to 18 inches off the ground.
  • Use 1-inch of gravel to fill in rodent burrows around sheds, concrete slabs, and porch steps.
  • Use covered trash containers, not just plastic or paper bags. To eliminate spillage, put garbage out on the morning of the pickup day, not the night before.