Finishing Basements: Required Documentation

Plans Required

There are two options for achieving building plan approval.

Complete Set of Plans

Three sets of plans are required for all submissions. The following information must be included.

  • Ceiling height
  • Height of sill above the finished floor and opening dimensions of emergency egress window in basement bedrooms
  • Location of smoke detectors
  • Location of stairs, furnace, water heater, and electric panelboard
  • Name and function of each room
  • Size of window well of basement bedroom's emergency egress window

Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details

A copy of the Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details (PDF) is available online as well as at the Building and Development Counter, located in the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, SE in Leesburg. For residential use only, these details may be used in lieu of submitted drawings for review with the building application. Finished basements which include the following may not use the Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details in lieu of plans:

  • Alterations to a load bearing wall, exterior wall, beam or column / post
  • Finished basements that include a kitchen

Field Inspectors

Field inspectors have the authority and responsibility to reject the construction and require plan review of structural conditions found on site which are not in conformance with the code, are not addressed by the Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details, or do not meet all of the above conditions.