Finishing Basements: Process

Permit Process

The permit process begins when the Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details (PDF) or basement drawings (if applicable) are complete and have been submitted, along with a building permit application, to the Building and Development Permit Counter on the second floor of the Loudoun County Government Center.

Permit Applications

Permit applications which require plan review will be accepted over the front counter only if the application is complete, signed by the homeowner, and contains all other required information, including three sets of plans. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, you will be notified that the permit is ready for pick-up.

Permit applications which meet the requirements of the Loudoun County Typical Finished Basement Details are eligible for the Walk-through Program. Normally these applications can be reviewed and issued while you wait.

There is no walk-through program for basements which require plan review.

Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing & Gas Permits

After the building permit is issued, separate electrical, mechanical, plumbing and gas permits can be issued. Electrical , mechanical, plumbing and gas permits do not require a plan submittal or review process. These permits can be obtained by you or by a licensed contractor hired to perform the work. Code compliance will be determined at the time of the inspection.