Required Documentation

Plans Required

There are two options for achieving building plan approval: submitting a complete set of plans or a deck detail.

Complete Set of Plans

All structural elements of the deck must be completely detailed and included on a comprehensive set of plans. Three sets of plans are required for all submissions. The following information must be included:

  • Size of all posts, joists, and beams, shown on a framing plan.
  • Handrail and guardrail details (including, if applicable, chippendale rail, sun bursts, and pre-manufactured rail systems).
  • Stair details.
  • Elevations, front, side and rear with attachment details (such as attachment to house, joist to beam connections, rail to post connection, etc.).
  • Footing details (minimum footing depth is 24 inches, footings shall bear on solid soil).
  • Hot tub manufacturer's information showing structural loading requirements (if applicable).

Loudoun County Typical Deck Detail

A copy of the Loudoun County Typical Deck Detail (PDF) is available online as well as at the Building and Development Permit Counter, located in the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison Street, SE in Leesburg. For residential use only, these details may be used in lieu of submitted drawings for review with the building permit application. The permit application must reflect the intended use of the Loudoun County Typical Deck Detail. Decks which do not meet the following minimum conditions may not use the typical details in lieu of plans.

  • Decks must be for residential use.
  • Decks must be single level.
  • Joist overhangs must be less than or equal to 2 feet 0 inches
  • All deck elements must be designed and built in strict conformance with the Loudoun County Typical Deck Detail and to the dimensions noted on the permit application shown on the house location plat.
  • Decks may not be constructed with roofs, screened porches, hot tubs, gazebos, or detached from house.

Field inspectors have the authority and responsibility to reject the construction and require plan review of structural conditions found on site which are not in conformance with the code, are not addressed by the Loudoun County Typical Deck Detail, or do not meet all of these conditions.

Plats Required

  • One copy of your house location plat is required to accompany all building permit applications for properties not located within an incorporated town.
  • Sketch, to scale, the area and location of the deck onto your copy of the house location plat; include the distance from the deck to the lot lines. Also provide the height from grade to the top of the deck.
  • If county easements are present on the lot, no construction shall encroach into the ground or air space of the easement.
  • If you do not have a copy of your house location plat, review your residential loan closing documents to see if one is included there. If you do not have a copy of your house location plat, contact the lending institution from which the mortgage was obtained.

If your house is located within an incorporated town then you must first obtain a zoning permit from the town and present it with your building application.