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Health Plan Changes

At the July 5, 2023, Board of Supervisors Business Meeting, the Board voted to replace the current Cigna Point of Service (POS) network of medical providers with the Cigna Open Access Plus (OAP) network of medical providers while maintaining the same plan design and structure as the current POS plan. This means that beginning on January 1, 2024, there will be a new plan, Cigna OAP High. The Cigna OAP High medical plan option will provide the same coverage levels (e.g., copays, deductibles, coinsurances, out-of-pocket maximums) as the current POS plan. 

How will the new OAP High plan compare to the current POS plan?

Currently, the POS plan requires participants to name a primary care provider, and then a referral is required for participants to see a specialist. The new OAP High plan will not require participants to name a primary care provider, and participants will not be required to obtain a referral to see a specialist. Participants will be able to see any in-network provider. Also, the new Cigna OAP High plan will provide participants with a national network of providers instead of the current POS plan’s regional network of providers available which is limited to Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and portions of West Virginia. One major benefit of this change is that nearly 800 out-of-network POS providers being utilized in the POS plan will be considered in-network once the OAP High plan becomes effective on January 1, 2024. This results in lower out-of-pocket costs for covered participants.  

The national Cigna OAP network offers a new robust care management program, Cigna Health Matters Care Management (HMCM). Cigna Health Matters Care Management provides you and your family with a valuable resource for one-on-one support and guidance to the right programs and services for healthcare needs and conditions.

The table below summarizes the differences between the current POS plan and the new OAP High plan:    

health plan comparison

Check if your provider is in an OAP network

  • Visit Click on "Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility" and then choose "Plans through your employer or school" to search the provider directory. Enter your applicable zip code and choose to search a Doctor by Type, By Name or by health facility.

Major Change for 2023 Benefits Open Enrollment Process

Now that the plans offered by Loudoun County to retirees will be OAP High, OAP, and the Cigna Choice HRA plan and Medicare Surround, the County will be required to have an Active Open Enrollment in November 2023. An active open enrollment is an open enrollment just like the County has every year but requires EVERY retiree on the County health plan to make an active new election through retiree self-service, a new online portal just for retirees. All new enrollments become effective on January 1, 2024.

Your current plan elections from this year will not carry forward into the next plan year. This year all benefit-eligible retirees will be required to make a new election for medical/prescription drug, dental/vision. Retirees who do not make an election in November 2023 during open enrollment will waive coverage for the 2024 plan year, meaning they lose health plan coverage effective January 1, 2024. 

What Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Open Enrollment

It’s important to keep your contact information up to date. Having your current mailing address, phone number and email address on file ensures you will receive important retiree benefit information. The benefits department also needs your email address so that you have access to retiree self-service to make your elections. 

If you don’t already have an email address on file, please provide it so that we can contact you quickly if we need to notify you about important information such as a change to your benefits. Use a personal email address that you will have access to, rather than a work email address.

To update your contact information, send an email to [email protected].

You can expect your annual retiree open enrollment newsletter to be mailed to your mailing address on record in mid-October which will provide instructions to make online benefit elections during open enrollment.

  1. Plan Year 2023 Resources
  2. Cigna's Virtual Medical Care Services

Plan Year 2023 Resources

Annual Creditable Coverage Notice

The annual Creditable Coverage Disclosure Notice (PDF) is being provided as part of the annual notice to retirees and their dependents who are eligible for Medicare. This notice is important because Medicare beneficiaries who are not covered by creditable prescription drug coverage and do not enroll in Medicare Part D when first eligible will likely pay higher premiums if they enroll at a later date. Please note this notice is for information purposes only. Retirees and their eligible dependents who are Medicare eligible and enrolled on the county’s health plan are not impacted by the late enrollment penalty enforced by Social Security Administration for Center for Medicare Services for Medicare Part D coverage.

PBI Information Security Incident

VRS retirees, beneficiaries and survivors are receiving letters from PBI Research Services (PBI), describing a data security incident that has affected millions of people and hundreds of organizations including VRS. This PBI incident impacts certain VRS retirees, beneficiaries and survivors who will be notified directly by mail. The VRS data that may have been accessed as a result of PBI’s information security incident includes the names, partial addresses (city, state, ZIP code), dates of birth, and Social Security numbers of certain VRS participants. 

PBI Research Services (PBI) notified VRS about an information security incident that occurred at PBI. The incident involved PBI’s use of MOVEit Transfer software, a product used by thousands of organizations worldwide to transfer and exchange data. A vulnerability in the MOVEit software allowed an unauthorized third party to access or acquire data from PBI servers containing information from numerous organizations that were customers, including VRS. VRS contracts with PBI to assist VRS in accurately making benefit payments. Specifically, VRS uses PBI’s services to identify deceased VRS members, so that VRS does not make overpayments or other errors in payment. PBI advised VRS that certain data files that VRS had shared with PBI for these purposes may have been subject to unauthorized access during PBI’s information security incident. 

Please read the notices as they are legitimate and provide specific instructions for obtaining free credit monitoring and additional services through Kroll, a global leader in risk mitigation and response. Should you have any additional questions, please contact Kroll at the contact information in your letter.

Learn more here.


An Ounce of Prevention

  • All of the Retiree Health Plans feature in-network preventive care benefits at no cost to you.
  • Get your Annual Preventive Exams as recommended to identify risks before they become chronic. Early detection helps to mitigate more serious medical conditions later.

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