Legislative Land Use Review

All legislative land development cases including rezonings and special exceptions are handled by the Department of Planning and Zoning Legislative Land Use Review Division.

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Public Hearings for Applications

Public hearings for applications are advertised in Loudoun Times Mirror. View the  Loudoun County Government Master Calendar to see details about dates and times for public hearings. 

Notice Requirements

The applicant is responsible for completing items relating to disclosures, property posting, notification of proper parties, and certification of notice. View more information and instructions.

Other land use applications, such as boundary line adjustments, site plans and subdivisions, are reviewed in the Department of Building and Development.

Timeline Extensions

When two or more applications are processed concurrently, the longer timeline is followed. It is common for an application timeline to be extended for many reasons, including the applicant's desire to continue work on issues, delays in applicant response, or the application is sent to a committee at either the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors level of review. In any event, the extension of time must be granted by the applicant.

Additional Information

Information about specific land development applications may be found online through the Loudoun Online Land Applications system.

Contact the Department of Planning and Zoning at 703-777-0246.