Juvenile Detention Center

The Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) is a secure facility that provides pre- and post-dispositional detention of youth as ordered by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. This is accomplished in a safe, secure, and humane setting with policies, programs, and an environment that supports good mental and physical health. 

Information for Parents and Legal Guardians

  1. Visitation
  2. Mail & Phone Calls
  3. Doctor's Appointments & Medications
  4. School Program

To schedule a visit, please call the Youth Services Case Worker at 703-737-8674. 

There are three types of visitations for youth.  

  1. Video visitation (by appointment only) is becoming more common and, in some instances, can be done from the comfort of your own home. Video visitation works similarly to the way you would use Face Time.    
  2. Contact visitation is the most common and generally the most desired form of visiting a youth. You are able to sit, usually at a small table, and be with the youth for a short period of time.  Although contact can occur between you and the youth, you are limited in how much touching can take place. Limited physical contact is defined as appropriate handshaking, embracing, and kissing on the cheek at the beginning and end of visitation. 
  3. Non-contact visitation (by appointment only) occurs onsite like the contact visitation; however, it does not allow for any contact between the visitor and youth.

Facility Entry

Youth are allowed two family visits per week for 30 minutes. Parents/legal guardians are approved visitors unless otherwise stated by a Court Order or Legal Guardian. Visitors may only visit with the youth they have been approved to visit. Any visitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to enter the facility. If you have additional questions in regards to approved visitors, please contact the Youth Services Case Manager at 703-737-8674.

The JDC is part of the Youth Services Center located at:
42055 Gourley Transit Drive
Leesburg, Virginia

All visitors are subject to search prior to entering the secure facility. All visitors must have acceptable photo identification (ID). This includes a valid driver’s license, military ID, or other verifiable photo ID. No mail or messages for youth will be accepted. 

Visitors cannot bring items into the visiting area. This includes: 

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Purses or handbags
  • Backpacks
  • Diaper bags 
  • Food, drink, or gum 
  • Baby bottles
  • Photos, pictures, books, toys, or writing instruments 
  • Strollers or child carriers
  • Cell phones, cameras, or any other electronic devices
  • Any kind of device, whether worn or hand held, that has the capability of audio and/or video/photography recording and/or cell phone capabilities is NOT permitted. This could include, but is not limited to, eye glasses, tie tacks, lapel pins, wrist watches, pens, etc.  

All visitors must wear appropriate clothing, including shoes and shirts. Clothing restrictions include:  

  • Clothing that exposes chest, back, thighs, midsection or any other large amount of flesh is prohibited.
  • No low-cut or revealing necklines. No halter tops, tank top, muscle shirts or spaghetti-string tops.
  • No shorts, skirt, or dress that is more than 2 inches above the knee (including slits more than 2 inches above the knee) or similar attire.
  • No attire with obscene or offensive language or offensive pictures.
  • No see-through fabric.
  • No tight clothing, including spandex, leggings, tights etc.

Inappropriate behavior, including the use of profanity, will not be permitted. Violation of any restriction(s) may cause the visit to be cancelled or terminated, and visiting privileges may be suspended. The on-duty supervisor may cancel visitation without notice due to circumstances within the facility.

PREA Compliance

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) requires that the JDC collect accurate, uniform data for every allegation of sexual abuse at the facility using a standardized instrument and set of definitions. This information shall be aggregated at least annually. The data collected shall include, at a minimum, the data necessary to answer all questions from the most recent version of the Survey of Sexual Violence conducted by the Department of Justice.

For the past calendar year, the Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center has not had any allegations of sexual abuse.

Per PREA Standards §115.393 – 405, the JDC was audited in June 2019.  The JDC is fully PREA compliant. The most recent audit report can be viewed here. The JDC is audited for PREA compliance every three years.