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Adult Detention Center
Adult Detention Center
Inmate transportation42035 Loudoun Center Pl.
Leesburg, VA 20175
Phone: 703-777-0405

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is proud to announce the opening of its new state-of-the-art Adult Detention Center. It is located near the Leesburg airport. The Adult Detention Center opened for business on June 16, 2007. The Adult Detention Center, administrative offices, the Loudoun County Magistrate's Office, and the jail are all located within the same compound. The center uses both the direct and podular remote methods of inmate supervision.

The Loudoun Adult Detention Center houses maximum, medium, and minimum security level inmates. Some inmates may find themselves housed at the facility for up to three years before being delivered to the State Department of Corrections.

Often inmates will receive a stay of delivery to the Department of Corrections because of appeals. Local inmates receiving 12 months or less will serve their sentence at the Loudoun Adult Detention Center.

Work Release Facility

In addition to the Adult Detention Center, there is another facility located about one-half mile from the jail that houses Work Release / Work Force. The Work Release Facility houses non-violent, minimum-security inmates that are soon to be released back into the community. The Work Release Facility has the capabilities of housing 47 inmates.

The inmates at the facility pay $12 per day for staying at the facility and those in the work release program are released each day to go to and from their jobs with stringent rules and regulations. The money they make helps pay their fines, courts costs, make restitution to victims and support their family. This also eases the burden of financial support to the taxpayer.

Inmate Work Force
Also housed at the Work Release Facility is the Sheriff’s Inmate Work Force. This group of inmates is also non-violent minimum custody level inmates. They work in the community under an armed guard and perform landscaping, trash pickup along roadways, parks, and waterways, minor construction, painting and other numerous tasks. They work on State, County and Town property as well as on property of charitable organizations. The inmates are credited $5 per hour that goes directly to paying fines and court costs. Each year this group saves the county and municipalities within the county, thousands of dollars in the work they perform.

The equipment used by the Sheriff’s Inmate Work Force such as mowers, weed eaters, etc. is purchased from the inmate canteen fund. This fund receives no tax money and is supported by the inmates’ purchases and telephone dividends. This group has, for several years now, performed snow removal from county facilities, mowed areas that used to be under commercial contract, and has received a grant to buy a commercial power washer to aid in the removal of unsightly graffiti.

Peumansend Creek Regional Jail

Loudoun County is also a partner in the Peumansend Creek Regional Jail located in Caroline County, Virginia, on Fort. A.P. Hill property. Arlington County, Caroline County, Prince William County, The Cities of Alexandria and Richmond also make up the authority of the jail. Peumansend Creek Regional Jail is a 330-bed minimum-security facility that is very program oriented and serves as an excellent facility to prepare inmates for reintroduction into society.