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Protect Livestock
What is Operation Protect Livestock? Livestock_thumb.png
Operation Protect Livestock is a FREE Sheriff’s Office and Animal Services effort to quickly notify livestock owners when their animal property break free from their fenced fields and wander into roadways.

How Does Operation Protect Livestock Work?
Livestock owners provide the Sheriff’s Office 911 Center with their emergency contact information. When livestock is discovered wandering in roadways or onto the land of another, the 911 Center can search for the address and immediately attempt to reach the livestock owner, any time of the day or night.

How do I enroll in the program?
Enroll by email.

Include the following information:
Owner Name
Street Address
Home Phone
Emergency Contact Phone Number (for when away from home)
Livestock Location
Notes about your livestock

How Does this Program Help You?
By quickly notifying the livestock owner, the animals can be safely returned.

Download the Brochure 

Frequently Asked Questions


The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office values your privacy. We will attach your emergency contact phone numbers to your address contained in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system (the 911 Computer) to be accessed by 911 Dispatchers. The Sheriff's Office will protect furnished information to the extent it can be protected from release under the limitations of the provisions of the Virginia Freedom of Information Act (§2.2-3700).

Why was the Program Developed?
Over the years, the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, as well as the Department of Animal Services, have received phone calls indicating that livestock have broken free and are at-large in a particular location. When the Sheriff’s Office or Animal Services arrive, the goal is to immediately secure the animals and notify the owner.

Often times however, the owners are not home. By participating in this program, and providing emergency contact information, the 911 Center can attempt to contact you while units are enroute, as well as provide needed information for the field units while they are on-scene. The goal is to safely secure the livestock before any possible injuries occur to the animal(s).

For more information on receiving aid for livestock during a crisis, please visit Loudoun Animal Services at