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Project Fairness
About the Program
Project Fairness is a program established in 1997 to enforce the compliance of displaying a valid decal throughout the county, which ensures proper personal property registration.

Taxable personal property housed in Loudoun County is required to be registered in the county within 60 days of acquiring or bringing such property into the county. This applies to all vehicles owned by individuals or businesses, whether titled in Virginia or out of state. Project Fairness actively seeks to identify and enforce this ordinance.

In concert with the Sheriff's Office, Project Fairness routinely patrols Loudoun County issuing notices and citations to potential tax evaders.

Reporting a Potential Tax Evader
In addition to regular patrols, the program also relies on citizens to alert the Treasurer's Office of potential tax evaders. If you suspect a potential tax evader, email us at  or call 703-771-5700, option 2. Please be prepared to provide the following:
  • Location of the suspected vehicle
  • Make, model, and color of the suspected vehicle
  • License plate number and state of the suspected vehicle
  • Any additional information regarding the vehicle you feel might be helpful

All communication will be kept confidential. By everyone paying their rightful obligation, it reduces the tax burden on all taxpayers.