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Erica Heather Smith

  1. The homicide case of Erica Heather Smith will be featured March 18th on the television show Find Our Missing. The segment will air at 9PM on the TV ONE network (Check your cable provider for channel information).

  2. The interviews of subjects have continued with defining a timeline of events for “persons of interest”. In addition, interviews conducted over time have developed a female acquaintance that may have been associated with a person of interest. The extent is still being determined. A more expansive and detailed search of the time frame from 2002 to 2005 regarding this female and possible ties to the subject is underway at this time. Other subjects who were known to have associated with Erica have been located and were questioned about their involvement with her during time leading up to her death. Their interviews are being evaluated and compared to circumstances and time frames developed during the initial stages of the investigation. The forensic laboratory has completed an initial stage of evaluation of the hairs re-submitted for comparable analysis. Several of these hairs have been considered suitable for DNA testing and have been forwarded to the appropriate section for further analysis.

  3. This update represents a review of the file since the inception of the Cold Case Unit implemented by Sheriff Chapman during April of 2012. The forensic laboratory continues to evaluate hairs that were previously collected at the time of the discovery of Erica’s body. These hairs were re-submitted given the advancement of testing in DNA after the original submission to standards of testing that existed in 2002. A review of the documentation in this investigation centered on individuals interviewed with the concept of “refocusing” on other areas of interest not previously inquired about with these subjects. To date, an improved timeline of events surrounding Erica’s disappearance as well as activities, behaviors, and actions of several “persons of interest” have come to light.

  4. Erica Heather Smith

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